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One Death at a Time

One death at a time

For I can’t bare more

And they say you are at peace

And this may be so

But watching the breath leave your body was gut wrenching

You are surrounded by rainbows

And there are more songs I cannot listen to

Lingering too long on your exit is a death sentence for presence

Fuel for suffering

All the days of your life cherished

All the days in your absence regretted

Let us grieve not in solidarity

But space in between

Just one death at a time

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Diva Dog

So in case I haven’t been clear about this I am a girl. You would think from my PINK and brown collar people would get this. But no even when Mom has told them “Yes, she is sweet, isn’t she?” They still say I’m a cute FELLA.

But then again I guess I can see this as I am a bit of a tomboy. My human brother and his friends play with me, I chase lizards, and I eat with no grace or reserve. I’m pretty tough. Except when it’s raining outside. Mom calls me “Miss Prissy Pants.” Just because I don’t want to get my feet wet. Come on, what dog does?

This week we’ve had human female houseguests, two of which are on the small side with very high-pitched voices. They helped human brother make a fort in the living room, which I have partially claimed as my own.

They also play dress-up. And graciously shared some of their accessories.


Not sure if I like this or not. But at least I look like a girl. Or a really cute drag queen.

I guess it could be worse. They could be dressing me as a taco.

-Cherry Pearl, aka “Diva Dog”




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Don’t Mind Me, I’ll Just Be Over Here, Sitting

So it’s come to my attention that some Busted Flip Flop followers have requested my blog guesting. If that’s a word.

So here I am after a bit of a hiatus. The pug with the fruity name and the she’s-so-ugly-she’s-cute face. I still don’t get that one. Shouldn’t I be insulted?

There’s been a lot of snoring going on around here. Seems like everyone is so busy with their own drama that I’ve been sawing the logs on an even more regular basis. But Mom did give me a bath yesterday and with baths come a treat so at least that’s something.


Me. Sittin pretty.

Oh yeah and brother had a sleepover so popcorn was consumed and “dropped” on the floor for my snacking pleasure. Yeah they pretend to drop popcorn on the floor so I can eat it. I’m all about some popcorn. There could be tens of other things being prepared in the kitchen but as soon as Mom starts shaking the pan on the stove and I hear the POP! and the Ouch, the oil got me! I am in there like a pug outta the front door.

Oh yeah and speaking of front doors I did escape one day. But brother’s friend grabbed me before I could get to the lady who always feeds me greasy people food my mom crinkles her nose at.

Well it feels about that time. Time to stare Mom in the face and give her that pitiful look I give even after I’ve already been fed. My bowl runneth empty.




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I Hacked up a Loquat

Hey it’s Cherry Pearl. Your Busted Flip Flops guest blogger du jour. A lot’s happened since we last “spoke”. Mom says I don’t have to double space after every sentence anymore. I heard her saying, “Alright, I get it, people” one day when she was reading other blogs.

Also I went on a trip and got to go walking in the woods when it was chilly. I couldn’t stop my feet from running on the leaf-covered footpath. Almost went over a cliff. Mom said I about broke her back I was tugging on the leash so much. That’s really my only flaw these days. Oh, that and I like to chew on the loquats that fall off the tree in the back patio. I hacked up one today on the throw rug in the living room.

On my trip I got to play with a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix named Rusty. He never ate his food so I finished it for him. Also tried to finish the cat’s food when I snuck outside on their deck. The cat took it upon himself to hiss every time he saw me. Easy, fussy pants!

I got to sleep in the big bed the other night. I tried not to snore so Mom would let me come back.

Well Mom is finally taking me for my evening walk. Nice timing. It’s about to rain.


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Post Holiday Snoozing

Hi, it’s Cherry Pearl.  Mom said I could guest blog again (so soon? Sweet!).  Forgive me if I make any typing mistakes.  Not easy to tickle tap the keyboard with nails like these.

Also Mom says I need a bath.  She says I’m stinky.  But the way she’s been running around here picking up this and that and sleeping til almost lunch time I think I’ll dodge the suds for a time or two.  Not that I have any concept of time.  Except for three o’ clock when I instinctively know it is time to feed.  Inhale, if you will.  Except when it’s the last of the feed bag and all that’s left are the crumbs and dregs.  I won’t go there.  I just won’t.  Yes, me being a pug you might find it hard to believe I’d turn my smooshed, snorty nose up to anything.  But that stuff is just unacceptable.  My human dad and brother understand.  They won’t even eat the last of the cereal.  Mom is a weirdo (sorry, Mom).  Sometimes she actually crunches her cereal with her hands to give it that last-of-the-feed-bag consistency.  Weird.

So the house smells like a mixture of me, burned out candles, and leftovers.  I haven’t chewed on the legos piled up on the floor, despite what Brother might think.  I have not done that in at least three weeks.  Oops, I forgot I said I’ve no concept of time.

Mom has had to vacuum twice to suck up all the fluffies my new toy leaves behind every time I mangle play with it.  But it is so awesome!  Only bad thing is it doesn’t resemble a squirrel.

So Mom will be back to posting next week.  She’s got a lot on her mind and finds it difficult to focus and get back into her routine.  At least that’s what she keeps saying.  I don’t understand this a lot on your mind thing.  Maybe that’s why Mom sometimes looks at me and says she wishes she could be me for a day.  Or maybe it’s because I get to snooze any time I flippin want to.

Speaking of….

Cherry chillin


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Introducing Cherry Pearl

Intro Cherry

Hi.  I’m Cherry.  My human brother named me that as he was eating a cherry lollipop.  I wish I could get my paws on one right now.  I’m on a diet.  Not by choice, of course.  What self-preservating pug would do such a thing?

Mom is kind of stressed right now about holiday shopping and getting ready for a trip so she said I could FINALLY guest blog.  She also said she has so many stories swirling in her head she can’t focus or sleep.  I took a break from napping to write for her.  Not much going on in this head, other than dreaming of chasing those taunting little squirrels outside the window.  I will catch them one day.  Mom always asks, “What in the world would you do to them if you caught them anyway?”  To tell you the truth, I haven’t really thought that far ahead.

Hmmmm.  I hear a rustling in the kitchen.  Mom’s getting into the chocolates this early?  She must be stressed.  Next thing you know I’ll hear a cork pop.

So I’ll tell you a little about me.  I was born on Leap day.  I don’t chew on shoes anymore (no it was not me who busted Mom’s flip flops, she did that herself).  I do still rustle through the trash every now and then.  I make some crazy noises when I yawn, or eat, or sleep, or see another dog I know.  There are lots of dogs on my block.  Spencer and Buddy are my favorite.  Mom gets embarrassed when I sniff and lick them in their happy places.  She says I linger there a little too long.  You don’t see them complainin!

Last week I got into some of Mom’s dark chocolates.  She couldn’t believe I ate the wrappers and everything.  She almost blamed it on Dad.  I was fine.  But then last night Mom and Gramps fed me a carrot.  I barfed that up all over Mom’s favorite chair.  Dang diet.

I hope I see you all again.  I’m gonna go lick myself then take a nap.  Hey, what would you do if you caught a squirrel?  On second thought, don’t answer that.  Mom doesn’t eat mammals.  Or rodents.



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