Introducing Cherry Pearl

Intro Cherry

Hi.  I’m Cherry.  My human brother named me that as he was eating a cherry lollipop.  I wish I could get my paws on one right now.  I’m on a diet.  Not by choice, of course.  What self-preservating pug would do such a thing?

Mom is kind of stressed right now about holiday shopping and getting ready for a trip so she said I could FINALLY guest blog.  She also said she has so many stories swirling in her head she can’t focus or sleep.  I took a break from napping to write for her.  Not much going on in this head, other than dreaming of chasing those taunting little squirrels outside the window.  I will catch them one day.  Mom always asks, “What in the world would you do to them if you caught them anyway?”  To tell you the truth, I haven’t really thought that far ahead.

Hmmmm.  I hear a rustling in the kitchen.  Mom’s getting into the chocolates this early?  She must be stressed.  Next thing you know I’ll hear a cork pop.

So I’ll tell you a little about me.  I was born on Leap day.  I don’t chew on shoes anymore (no it was not me who busted Mom’s flip flops, she did that herself).  I do still rustle through the trash every now and then.  I make some crazy noises when I yawn, or eat, or sleep, or see another dog I know.  There are lots of dogs on my block.  Spencer and Buddy are my favorite.  Mom gets embarrassed when I sniff and lick them in their happy places.  She says I linger there a little too long.  You don’t see them complainin!

Last week I got into some of Mom’s dark chocolates.  She couldn’t believe I ate the wrappers and everything.  She almost blamed it on Dad.  I was fine.  But then last night Mom and Gramps fed me a carrot.  I barfed that up all over Mom’s favorite chair.  Dang diet.

I hope I see you all again.  I’m gonna go lick myself then take a nap.  Hey, what would you do if you caught a squirrel?  On second thought, don’t answer that.  Mom doesn’t eat mammals.  Or rodents.



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4 responses to “Introducing Cherry Pearl

  1. Lisa

    LOL!!! That post made me smile. Merry Christmas lady and STOP that stressing!!!

  2. Hi Cherry Pearl,

    I an glad your mom let you post a blog entry. I think you are very pretty; I love your colors.
    I’m a little jealous that you got some chocolate. I keep trying; maybe you can give me some tips.
    Your friend,

  3. Just read this to Little Dude – he loves dogs, and as always, he loves your blog. We both do!

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