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I Hacked up a Loquat

Hey it’s Cherry Pearl. Your Busted Flip Flops guest blogger du jour. A lot’s happened since we last “spoke”. Mom says I don’t have to double space after every sentence anymore. I heard her saying, “Alright, I get it, people” one day when she was reading other blogs.

Also I went on a trip and got to go walking in the woods when it was chilly. I couldn’t stop my feet from running on the leaf-covered footpath. Almost went over a cliff. Mom said I about broke her back I was tugging on the leash so much. That’s really my only flaw these days. Oh, that and I like to chew on the loquats that fall off the tree in the back patio. I hacked up one today on the throw rug in the living room.

On my trip I got to play with a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix named Rusty. He never ate his food so I finished it for him. Also tried to finish the cat’s food when I snuck outside on their deck. The cat took it upon himself to hiss every time he saw me. Easy, fussy pants!

I got to sleep in the big bed the other night. I tried not to snore so Mom would let me come back.

Well Mom is finally taking me for my evening walk. Nice timing. It’s about to rain.


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