I grew up in Nashville when Nashville wasn’t cool, or at least not in the suburb where I lived from ages six to twenty-one. I dreamed of a place where things were really happening– Hollywood. Or just SOMEWHERE in California. In my teens I longed for adventures in New York, Europe, and Australia. During those years and throughout my twenties I was lucky enough to experience those places and then some. Although I still haven’t made it to California.

Snow is more fun when you're a kid

Snow is more fun when you’re a kid

But I did have an awesome childhood. And there are days when I crave to be back in that house on Owendale Drive and wake up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and biscuits being made for me. I miss the anticipation of morning cartoons, swinging from the tire swing, wading in the cool creek, or sledding down the snow-packed backyard in the wintertime. Oh, wintertime. And this is what breaks me of planting my feet in Nashville forever.

It was February and I’d been married a little less than a year. My feet were cold, I hadn’t seen the sun in weeks, and everything outside was dead and grey and bleak. I begged my husband to move us somewhere warm and sunny and near the beach– somewhere I could wear flip flops 365 days a year. And this is what transports me to the west coast of Florida.  IMG122

So here I’ve been for 21 years. It is home to me. I’ve only been cold a handful of times. I frequent the beach as much as time allows, whether it’s for an hour or five. And although I busted my favorite pair, I do wear flip flops every day.

I’m also co-parent to a kind, sarcastic, intelligent, harmonious teenager who is my favorite person on the planet. I don’t like crowds but enjoy time in nature and with neighbors, family, and friends.

I’ve got a great crew of people surrounding me. And they’re like my busted flip flops. They’re a little worn-in but they’ve had fun getting there.

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  1. Hey, it’s a pleasure to read your work; I think you’re quite talented (and funny). I’m so jealous! I’ve downscaled my shoes to being completely barefooted much of the time (Southern Indiana here), but have only been to the ocean once in my life. (Sigh.) Indiana is pretty much the motherlode of corn and cows. Glad you made it to your dreamplace! (Perhaps someday I’ll be able to trade the cows for a large body of water.) Great blog. :0)

  2. Thank you so much! I’m so glad to have you as a reader. I’m doing the last bit of tweaking here before I officially launch this baby. Looking forward to reading more of yours as well. Enjoy the corn : ) It’s best on the grill, don’t ya think?

  3. Adrian Mitchell

    Awesome blog Madam. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Adrian Mitchell

    Hey Jen. I see you always pop in and read my thoughts. Thank you. And thank you for commenting too!

    How are you?

    • I have a morning ritual of reading my favorite blogs over coffee. : ) I’m doing well, despite a stressful week. Now time for an afternoon walk then photo taking for my blog post tonight. Hope you are well, too.

  5. CrazyGuyinThailand

    Cool blog

  6. Hi Jenifer!

    Loving the colors of your blog. It’s so calming!

    Anyway, I have a project that I could use your help with, so I was wondering if you’ll be interested in helping out. I couldn’t locate a contact form or email address on your site, hence I’m enquiring via the comments section. Pardon me 🙂

    Do get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank-you!

  7. jayni wilson-sickler

    Hi Jenifer!
    A mutual friend, Debra Marrs, referred me to your site – and – I’m so glad she did!
    I love your writing and your sense of humor. And, perhaps, most importantly, I love flip flops also – and the way you’ve transformed a quirky passion into a blog warms my heart.
    I’m going to follow your posts . . . jayni

  8. Thank you Jayni! I appreciate you. And for the record I am wearing fuzzy flip-flop house shoes as we speak!

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