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Diva Dog

So in case I haven’t been clear about this I am a girl. You would think from my PINK and brown collar people would get this. But no even when Mom has told them “Yes, she is sweet, isn’t she?” They still say I’m a cute FELLA.

But then again I guess I can see this as I am a bit of a tomboy. My human brother and his friends play with me, I chase lizards, and I eat with no grace or reserve. I’m pretty tough. Except when it’s raining outside. Mom calls me “Miss Prissy Pants.” Just because I don’t want to get my feet wet. Come on, what dog does?

This week we’ve had human female houseguests, two of which are on the small side with very high-pitched voices. They helped human brother make a fort in the living room, which I have partially claimed as my own.

They also play dress-up. And graciously shared some of their accessories.


Not sure if I like this or not. But at least I look like a girl. Or a really cute drag queen.

I guess it could be worse. They could be dressing me as a taco.

-Cherry Pearl, aka “Diva Dog”




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