Don’t Mind Me, I’ll Just Be Over Here, Sitting

So it’s come to my attention that some Busted Flip Flop followers have requested my blog guesting. If that’s a word.

So here I am after a bit of a hiatus. The pug with the fruity name and the she’s-so-ugly-she’s-cute face. I still don’t get that one. Shouldn’t I be insulted?

There’s been a lot of snoring going on around here. Seems like everyone is so busy with their own drama that I’ve been sawing the logs on an even more regular basis. But Mom did give me a bath yesterday and with baths come a treat so at least that’s something.


Me. Sittin pretty.

Oh yeah and brother had a sleepover so popcorn was consumed and “dropped” on the floor for my snacking pleasure. Yeah they pretend to drop popcorn on the floor so I can eat it. I’m all about some popcorn. There could be tens of other things being prepared in the kitchen but as soon as Mom starts shaking the pan on the stove and I hear the POP! and the Ouch, the oil got me! I am in there like a pug outta the front door.

Oh yeah and speaking of front doors I did escape one day. But brother’s friend grabbed me before I could get to the lady who always feeds me greasy people food my mom crinkles her nose at.

Well it feels about that time. Time to stare Mom in the face and give her that pitiful look I give even after I’ve already been fed. My bowl runneth empty.




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3 responses to “Don’t Mind Me, I’ll Just Be Over Here, Sitting

  1. Good to see you back, Cherry Pearl. I missed you.
    Your friend,

  2. Your 4-square multi-color ‘Cherry Pearl’ composition kind of has Andy Warhol shades.

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