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Spinning Dresses and New Year Kisses

I rang in the New Year just the way I’d hoped. Surrounded by good friends, good people, and the absence of lemon drop shots.

It’s been a good time off from work. The whole holiday break has been fulfilling (except for the head lice situation nightmare which I may write about when I can just laugh about it).

I have spent quality time with people I have managed to neglect during my nine-hour workdays and various other mom, household, and health/hygiene duties.

I hope the neglected understand.

For this holiday I will remember–

The spicy, fresh smell of a health food store while walking side by side down the aisles with my mom on a mother-daughter date.

Reading incredibly sick yet nostalgic nursery rhymes to my nephew while his little hand rested on mine. “He put her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well…

The relaxing and grateful feeling of my sister-in-law, and then my mother, and then my new dear friend combing through my hair to remove nits.

Witnessing my Little Boo exercise good table manners (placing his phone down without being asked and engaging in friendly dinner conversation); quiet chunks of time playing board games with him; a spontaneous Face Time call while he explored his aunt and uncle’s lakeside backyard in the cold Tennessee wind.

The quirky and adorable story my neighbor recited to me in her refined Liverpool accent as we sipped Australian wine.

My cousin’s hearty laugh and the resonation of it throughout the years and over state lines.

And yet there is much more. I am truly blessed.

I’d like to be, and be able to be less neglectful in the coming year.

I rang in the New Year with dear friends. And ended up dancing with  a stranger. A little girl with wavy locks the color of caramel and a dress that sparkled like fireworks as she spun and spun like a top that had no way of stopping.

And a strong little bear hug and kiss on the cheek from her before she scooted off into the balmy night.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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Post Holiday Snoozing

Hi, it’s Cherry Pearl.  Mom said I could guest blog again (so soon? Sweet!).  Forgive me if I make any typing mistakes.  Not easy to tickle tap the keyboard with nails like these.

Also Mom says I need a bath.  She says I’m stinky.  But the way she’s been running around here picking up this and that and sleeping til almost lunch time I think I’ll dodge the suds for a time or two.  Not that I have any concept of time.  Except for three o’ clock when I instinctively know it is time to feed.  Inhale, if you will.  Except when it’s the last of the feed bag and all that’s left are the crumbs and dregs.  I won’t go there.  I just won’t.  Yes, me being a pug you might find it hard to believe I’d turn my smooshed, snorty nose up to anything.  But that stuff is just unacceptable.  My human dad and brother understand.  They won’t even eat the last of the cereal.  Mom is a weirdo (sorry, Mom).  Sometimes she actually crunches her cereal with her hands to give it that last-of-the-feed-bag consistency.  Weird.

So the house smells like a mixture of me, burned out candles, and leftovers.  I haven’t chewed on the legos piled up on the floor, despite what Brother might think.  I have not done that in at least three weeks.  Oops, I forgot I said I’ve no concept of time.

Mom has had to vacuum twice to suck up all the fluffies my new toy leaves behind every time I mangle play with it.  But it is so awesome!  Only bad thing is it doesn’t resemble a squirrel.

So Mom will be back to posting next week.  She’s got a lot on her mind and finds it difficult to focus and get back into her routine.  At least that’s what she keeps saying.  I don’t understand this a lot on your mind thing.  Maybe that’s why Mom sometimes looks at me and says she wishes she could be me for a day.  Or maybe it’s because I get to snooze any time I flippin want to.

Speaking of….

Cherry chillin


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