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Birthday Blogging

I just renewed my domain name and blog site. This means I have been WordPress blogging for a whole year. Happy first birthday Busted Flip Flops!

These flip flops have been seriously busted lately. I haven’t written all month. Certain instances and situations have occurred which have kept me away. But I was never truly away. Not in the spiritual sense anyway.

It actually feels weird to sit here and write. How I have missed it. I am feeling a little rusty like my bicycle chain. But I can still pedal. Although a little creakily at first.

There are so many things I want to write about but for now I just want to say thank you to all my readers. I have enjoyed your presence and comments and inspiration. I have enjoyed reading and connecting with my favorite bloggers and entering into this WordPress world that has so many times brought sunshine to my flippity flop walk on the rocky beach.

So cheers to this first birthday! Let us raise a glass. Savor the sweetness of the written word and let it permeate a moment and blossom into its full-bodied flavor. And walk along side me for another year, busted flip flop to busted Croc (or your footwear of choice).



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You Say it’s Your Birthday

Aww, shucks. My 8th birthday party. I'm in the blue jumpsuit, soakin it all in.

Aww, shucks. My 8th birthday party. I’m in the blue jumpsuit, soakin it all in.

I’ve always loved birthdays. I don’t know if it’s because my parents made such a big deal out of them or because I received a lot of attention on that glorious, cool October day.  Or it could be the presents.  Most definitely the cake.  Fluffy, white cake lightly topped with whipped, white icing is on the top of my special-occasions dessert list.  I never bake it at home or else I’ll end up like Miranda in that episode of Sex and the City where she’s bending over the trash can, eating the sugar slab she tried to throw away, then calling her BFF Carrie to declare she needs to check herself in at the “Betty Crocker Clinic”.

Billy Bob was sooo less annoying than Chuck E.

Billy Bob was sooo less annoying than Chuck E.

To me birthdays represent a day to celebrate your life.  It’s one more year of knowledge gained, one more year of not caring so much what other people think, one more year closer to it being OK to wear a muumuu around the house all day.

And let’s not forget the actual celebration.  On your birthday you can pretty much plan whatever party you want, theme, location (within reason), and the people who will help you celebrate.  As a child I had backyard parties, slumber parties, and fiestas hosted by Ronald McDonald as well as Billy Bob (gigantor grizzly bear character/banjo player for Rock-afire Explosion at ShowBiz Pizza Place before Chuck E. Cheese kicked his furry butt off the stage).

Aww, shucks. My 20th birthday party. I'm in the weird multi-colored vest, takin it all in.

Aww, shucks. My 20th birthday party. I’m in the weird multi-colored vest, takin it all in.

As an adult I’ve had patio parties, karaoke parties, girl’s nights out, and fiestas hosted by, well, myself.  As a bit of a control-freak when it comes to parties I’ve never let anyone throw a surprise one for me.  Not that it couldn’t happen, a-hem, but it’s terribly unlikely.  Last year I had a house party where everyone brought a dish to share and their own booze.  It was low-maintenance and fun as hell, supposing hell is fun, especially since my good friend Chris set up a light show and played DJ all night.  My favorite part of the evening was when I looked over and he was horizontal on the tile floor, laughing hysterically.  I love seeing my peeps have a good time.

Birthday #38. Let them eat cupcake!

Birthday #38. Let them eat cupcake!

Really I think that’s the best part about birthdays– taking a moment during the festivities and appreciating those rallying around you.  Did I also mention cake?

What was your best birthday ever?

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