In My Grandfather’s Yard

Today I want to escape
to my grandfather’s yard
like when we were kids

encase myself in the oak vines
to cover these ills

chase the butterflies among
old rusted cars and wood piles
and junk yard treasures

free my mind

become that child again
who is always just under the surface

today I don’t want to be the adult

decisions to be made
mistakes to be rendered
ever binding pressure

today I want to hide
in my grandfather’s yard
and see the freckles on my cheeks
in the reflection of the tool shed window

and see not guilt not mistakes not hate
but what my grandfather saw in me

a happy innocent flying

Papa's yard


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8 responses to “In My Grandfather’s Yard

  1. Debra Marrs

    Yeah, me too. Wish we could escape like this. And do it together. I’m so happy to see you posting again, Jenifer. We’ve missed your poems and other insights. Keep writing!

  2. Well hello there, stranger! It’s good seeing you. 🙂 You actually wrangled a bit of a tear from my eye- this is really sweet and touching. I think it would strike a chord with anyone.

    • Thank you so much! Yes trying to get back into writing. It is so difficult with a full time job. But we must make time for it somehow.

      • Absolutely. :0) I guess I can consider myself “fortunate” in that I have a (very small) fixed income and am able to focus solely on being a student for now- until I get my Master’s, that is. It’s a bit of a catch 22, because if I get a full-time job (right now), there go my benefits- free education- Medicaid and the whole 9 yards. I’m not able to cut the strings until I’m 100% finished with school, and so, I have a LOT of free time during the summer. (Too much, actually. ;0) But I digress! And I feel you on the writing thing. I’m glad that you’re making time, even though you’re as busy as you are. You’re a really talented writer and poetess, so I do hope that you continue making time for your writing. And on that note, I hope you have a great summer too. 😉

      • Debra Marrs

        What she said. Well-put, monochromejunkie 🙂

  3. Hi Debra. :0) Nice to meet you. Call me Birgitta. (My first name. :0)

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