To Stop Time

Can I stop time
and keep you this way a little longer?
Keep this moment and innocence
here and now
hanging just in front of me


until I feel I can move forward
when there has been enough time
to share and give all I can

to laugh and love with all you are

I have stopped time before
in my mind
But there you go
growing and changing
before me and away

and the minutes and days
fly by
with the speed of light


To stop time

There is never enough

If only I could



Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

4 responses to “To Stop Time

  1. Cathy Summers

    And yet, Jen, here you are and feeling many other Moms across the planet.
    Love you, Cathy

  2. Debra Marrs

    LOVE this poem. LOVE the photo. LOVE this young man. Your poem and the feelings you evoke just break my heart in two, Jenifer. I’m cracked open now. But in a good way that feels this deep love of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day, friend-o-mine!

    • Wow Debra that means a lot. I’m so grateful to share these thoughts with you. Thank you for all your help and mentorship and friendship over the years. Invaluable.

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