Moonlight Swim

The moon and I had a moment tonight
while I was bathed in its vanilla light

it hung gently between two trees
and it spoke reverently to me

Why are we here? I asked

And sooner than it took
the glow of its crest
to reach my hollow chest

I heard the answer

And I knew we were
all here
to savor to care to be

most imperfectly



Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “Moonlight Swim

  1. ron

    that’s beautiful like you
    now where are your everyday stories.
    those i miss the most

    glad u r back to your blogging

    luv ya my other sweetie


    • Thank you so much Ron. I will write more everyday stories. I always have your voice in the back of my head asking me when I am going to write in my blog again! xoxo I appreciate you.

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