In Times of Trouble

In times of trouble
I need to hear the birds sing
remember where I came from
and who I used to be
all the struggles overcome
all the times come undone
but put back again
by some strength within

In times of trouble
I need to hear the birds sing
I need to remember it's not just me
a speck in the universe
bound yet free
a flitter of a thought
not all for naught 

In times of trouble
let me hear the birds sing
let me rest under her wing
let me let it be



Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “In Times of Trouble

  1. Jenifer,
    There is something about birds. I don’t know what it is. I, too, have a connection to them. I see them outside my window everyday, and if they were gone, life would be different. But more importantly, they symbolize ‘what it’s really all about’ in the end, where we came from, the beauty of the earth long before we got here to nest our own thorny problems. Your poem ignited these thoughts – comforting ones.

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