Remnants of your breakfast
hurriedly eaten
chocolate chip waffle crust 
sits stale now 
You're in that long building of learning
your pants high-waters again
My heart weighs heavily
thinking about your happiness
your safety
Hoping to God I'm not the 
contention one day
in the therapist's office

We snuggled yesterday
for the first time in ages
You were like my baby 
And I hope those moments
are not few and far between

I know I must let you fly
just like I let go of the bicycle
when you told me you were ready to pedal
Just like I tell you to be careful
as I watch you walk away 
with the other boys
to your fort in the woods

I was ten once
I still smell the school hallways
disinfectant and chalk
And I knew Mom was always there
waiting for me
a cushy cradle for my lanky limbs
A solace from the noise of the world
over the crust of a cinnamon bun
left to sit

A melancholy reminder. 

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