Ode to JKF

Sing to me a song of sweet bitterness
love songs are not pitiful but fearless
parting is not such sorrow as the
waking hours of distance
Tomorrow our day will come
and happiness the smile of sunshine
as realization of always comfortable
will be in the heart, in the mind
Divine candles of burning flame
end night and torture
Through fantasies would come the conclusion
of laughter and holding hands.

                           ---May 11, 1990

—Once again I am almost astonished at the amount of love I had in my fledgling high school body.
I did love this boy very much. We went to his senior prom together (I was just a sophomore).
In the after hours we came back to my house and my mother had set up the downstairs den with candles, music, and breakfast with roses on TV trays (she usually hated my boyfriends).
We never shared our bodies but did share a love of writing, poetry, Jethro Tull, and environmentalism.
I became a vegetarian (for quite some time) because of him.
I looked up to him and knew we had a kindred spirit, although he never let me in fully.

Me & J


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2 responses to “Ode to JKF

  1. Ahh first love! I can’t believe your mum set up breakfast trays though… I’m fairly sure my parents are still intending on pulling me aside on my (never to happen) wedding day to cautiously warn me what awaits!

  2. brandy

    I remember u in that dress and I remember that guy!

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