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I Remember

I remember a September wind
the scent of cigarettes and mint
a green car
you took me far
away from a life spent
I still have the jagged limestone
thrown on my balcony
I was unaware you saw me there
I waited so patiently
I remember a January frost
a dark hallway
I was lost
the green car took me once again
and I felt the warm sun
on my skin
Many a freckle came to begin
darken then fade all over and then 
I remember a May breeze
the green car traded 
with the sway of the trees
and leaves grew back 
and some did die
flitting swirling flailing
before their ultimate demise
And we watched them dance 
in an orange cloudy sky
I remember a September wind 
and the scent of cigarettes and mint
And it came to be from that moment 
all that life has meant.


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