A Bird Call, A Meditation Song

A bird call
a meditation song
words spoken to the sea

spinning in the high winter’s sky
where the pelicans fly
and the hawk and dove and osprey

singing their tune
which I cannot translate
yet reminding me to breathe and let be

Uttered forth among ocean waves
these affirmations floating to you
and cascading back to me.




Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

3 responses to “A Bird Call, A Meditation Song

  1. ron

    love your poems.i read all your posts.keep it up

  2. Carol

    I love it, Jen.

  3. Thanks very much for sharing, I really enjoyed this. I was drawn to your post as the birdsong theme resonated with me. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about birdsong in case you have time to have a look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

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