Sunset by the Sea

That golden orb
lay down so eloquently
the bottom of it
pulled down by the sea
or perhaps the rotation
of the earth
that which we cannot see

And I shared a bench
with an old man
who did not speak
But I heard his heart
when his eyes were alight
no grief
We took in the moment
each of us our own thoughts
dreams hopes desires

Sunset by the sea
I gave gratitude
for you and me
for spirit peace equality

A couple lay in each other’s arms
a family played joyfully
mother and son
daddy and baby
a circle of souls
waxing philosophically
three women late in their years
a wet-eared puppy

That golden orb
not a backdrop
but the focus of the moment
holding us all together
to bask in its enjoyment



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4 responses to “Sunset by the Sea

  1. This was nice. Made me think of a couple days ago, I went for a walk (which i haven’t done in months) and ended up sitting next to an old lady.

    She just came and sat down right next to me (which was weird as I would imagine old ladies don’t usually opt to sit next to young men) but she smiled and I smiled and we just sort of sat there, enjoying the weather.

    It was nice, and I would have forgotten it if I hadn’t read this.

    Thanks 🙂

    • I’m so glad it made you think of that moment. And that we had similar experiences! As always, thank you for reading and commenting. I went away for a while now trying to get back. Bloggers like you help the process and I am forever grateful.

  2. Jude

    Not the backdrop but the focus indeed.
    Love this.

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