Writer’s Cube

My writing muscle has kind of atrophied. Who was it that said there is no such thing as writer’s block? Was it Stephen King? Sylvia Plath? Oprah? When I first heard that I thought, “Bullshit”. But it only took me about 12 hours of off-and-on pondering to realize how freaking true it is.

It’s not that we don’t have anything to say. It’s that we have so much to say we don’t know where to begin or how to collect our thoughts. So we are incapacitated by this.

Kind of like I feel now.

I’ve had a few people encourage me to get back into writing. Because they are awesome supporters. And I have been pretty much off the grid for a while. I’ll explain the reason behind that at a later date. Maybe.

How I’ve missed typing these keys onto WordPress. But there’s so much pressure to be “perfect”. To say something that truly matters and inspires and is up to my own self-imposed standards. But what it boils down to at this point is that I just keep writing. Because when I stop it is not good.

It’s like a bubble is stuck in my throat. A block in my brain. And all I fantasize about at work is creating some form of art. I even daydream of coloring in a coloring book because at least then I would be doing something artsy. Even at the elementary level.

I even thought about writing at work. Like I used to do at every other job I ever had. Scribbled poems on the back of movie ticket paper. The outline of a story on a spare photo packet envelope. A line or two on a napkin at lunch break.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. The artist in you has to get out in some way or another. I remember writing poems at my very first job as a telemarketer in between cold calls. I even recited some of them to my stoned and bored coworkers. My fuzzy memory says they were impressed.

So here I am. Working out my writer’s muscle. I don’t want to block myself in. So maybe I’ll call it “writer’s cube”. Because at least then there is 3D space with which to create, fill, play.

writer's block



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7 responses to “Writer’s Cube

  1. Jenifer, I guess I’m proud to say I’ve never experienced writer’s block. Seriously – what’s that? If anything, I suffer from time block – not having enough time to devote to the ideas bombarding my brain. I don’t know what the matter of writers block says about you or me, if anything. But I suppose I’d rather have my overall situation as it exists now. Perhaps you’ve made me appreciate my current scenario, at least from a writer’s perspective!

  2. Irene Pineiro

    Good to see you back ✒️

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. karen

    that is so funny, when I am “established” at work, I am so going to bring in a coloring book & crayons just to keep me busy when I am leaving all those voice messages… here’s to getting, lots of hires for both of us! ❤ ya!

  4. ron

    when u stop doing something u love to do it’s going to hurt
    keep at it.u know u cant let us down.what would we do without your blog

    should i buy some crayons lol

  5. Debra Marrs

    LOVE this, Jenifer. I am one of those who is supporting you getting back to your writing and especially back to Busted Flip Flops. Your readers miss you. And perfection? What the hell is that!?!?! Keep writing!

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