Last Day of 39

My last day being thirty-nine
last day in my thirties
but I don't want to cry
I reflect on a whirl-wind of a life's decade
the birth of my son
the first decade of his life
The friends that have come and gone
through grievances and harsh good-byes
some just seem to float out into the sky
The ones still within grasp
fill the empty gap with ardor and laugh 
All the sunsets of varying hues of orange and pink   
All the food enjoyed and wine to drink
Sometimes a heavy load I carried
sometimes I couldn't bear to step outside
But upon the peak of the mountain
and largely on the way down
a lightness and peacefulness come
and those waiting for me at the bottom
capable of so much love
Could I have ever predicted 
ten years or a lifetime of such
a glorious life 
I look up at the mountain ahead
take a deep breath
and climb


Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “Last Day of 39

  1. Shelley Hawkinson

    Happy, Happy 40th Birthday Sweet, Sweet Girl! Love you!

  2. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Jen! ❤

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