Why Flip Flops?

Busted Flip Flops is a collection of little life vignettes– from the nostalgic (there’s still a part of me pacing my childhood driveway carrying my Walkman, waiting for the DJ to play Karma Chameleon) to the current (lots of poetry because it just comes out that way).  Observations of life and whatnot, old boyfriends, food (usually vegan and gluten-free baking experiments), the way I say “Bye-eee” at the end of a rare phone conversation just like my mom, are just some of what I’ll be typing into the ones and zeros.   Feet on the dash

And flip flops because they’re comfortable, they let your feet breathe, they mold to the very contour of your heel and toes, and they’re acceptable footwear pretty much everywhere in this kooky place I live called Florida.  Plus flip flops make it real easy to slip off at the home office or when you want to prop your feet on the dash.

They remind me why I moved to the sunshine state, my journey to get here, and the colorful people I’ve met along the way.

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