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Quiet Symphony of Spring

The loquat buds are ready to greet their buzzing partners
and the crows have taken over the birdsong symphony

A sheath of grey pink cloud hovers over the bright white sunrise
Remnants from last night’s rush of spring rain fall from the branches like tears down a round cheek

A scattering of soaked leaves plastered to the ground

The lounge chair moved to view a sunset days ago

For a moment time holds still
No work to bind
no nagging unfolded
frustration at bay

A bud of hope in this heart
that I may again relish the sunset with you
and awake in your embrace
on the crest of a slow-moving sunrise.


I wrote this a month ago. But it seems silly to leave it in my drafts section. I hope you enjoy and take/feel something from it. How do you feel this spring?


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Sunrise Awakening

Sunrise we have not met many times
before now

I was always wrapped in twilight’s blanket

But circumstances have risen
to incorporate your peaceful silent beauty
into my awakening

Making me love you
as much as sunset

Just as spring has become
my parallel lover
with autumn

2015-10-23 07.34.28


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