Lingering There

Dwelling in the past, for any length of time, is a deep, dark hole. Merely happily reminiscing or learning from past mistakes isn’t a bad idea. But lingering there, well no good really comes of it. In fact, it’s sure to drive you mad. Lead you to the pits of despair.

Children grow up quickly, grandparents pass away, even certain friendships die. Marriages dissolve. Relationships blunder. Businesses bankrupt. Sea levels rise. Fat grows in places it never did before.

But sometimes for the need to have a purging bawl fest we linger there. We beat ourselves up. It was my fault that this or that happened. I’m never good enough, etc. etc. Bubble snot happens. Eyes are puffy in the morning. There’s a balled-up tissue next to the bed, soaked in tears.

With the new day feel a bit better.

Birds outside are singing.


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2 responses to “Lingering There

  1. Jude

    Real life right here. Sister gots the gift of prose. I like this.

  2. Debra Marrs

    Such a sharp contrast to the post from last week. Both about memories. And that’s the problem with remembering, isn’t it? Some things come back to us as poignant and others come back as sadness and feelings of failure. Both are valid. Both make us feel human. When taken together, both teach and show us how to be and do better going forward.

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