October Sunday Morning

I woke up wanting to hear A Place Without a Postcard, my favorite band’s kind of forgotten album (at least among my own collection). It’s Sunday. The final day of an event-filled short weekend. Laundry is being washed, dishes are soaking in the sink. The bamboo shade has been drawn in the office where I now sit, lest the sun’s searing, penetrating beams suck away any energy I have to make this a productive day.

October breezes are welcome. Weekend afternoon naps appreciated.

My kid is growing up way too fast. I’m trying to grasp and hold on to the smidgen of childhood he has left. I think he is, too. He always says he doesn’t want to grow up, doesn’t want to get older. Well he doesn’t have to look too far to see what it’s like to be a kid-at-heart.  Being a systematized adult is overrated. I want to wear goofy hats and laugh at fart jokes sometimes too.

I was a kid just yesterday, wasn’t I? Good lord I graduated from college 20 years ago. Is that right? Yes, yes it is. But I’m not one to start moaning and groaning about the pains of aging. Physically I don’t feel a day over 25 unless I try to read something. Mentally I feel about 60. In Yoda years that’s nothing. Our brains have an immense amount of time to evolve and grow and settle.

But sometimes I want to curl up in bed while someone makes breakfast for me. Someone drives me here and there. Someone to tell me to rake the leaves, do my homework. Long days spent staring at posters on the wall listening to tapes from the boom box. Perhaps that’s the place without a postcard?



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5 responses to “October Sunday Morning

  1. ron

    how could u feel a day over 25 when u r only 23.and wow u graduated 20 yrs ago.and to think it was 50 yrs ago for me lol.but im still a kid at heart.love your outlook on life.keep blogging

  2. Debra Marrs

    Such a bittersweet time, isn’t it, Jenifer? Meaning this time of year and this phase in life. I totally GET it. I love what you wrote. AND love you too! Thanks for continuing this writing journey you’re on. Every one of your posts, poems, and stories makes me smile. Looking at your archives, you’ve been “steady Eddie” for 4 years now. Imagine it! Big hugs!

  3. Big hugs to you too, Debra! Thank you for reading and for your kind comments. Busted Flip Flops would not be here if it weren’t for your guidance and inspiration! It still continues, even when we don’t talk for awhile. Much much love to you.

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