Time, exxasperated

To the brink of tears over this devilish concept time
yet it is as concrete as mathematical equations
(perhaps a parallel universe where time actually does stand still exists)

Live in the moment we say to our ADD brains
and sometimes we do
These days it does not compute

The clock is spinning and there is a lump in my throat,
heaviness in my heart
from all these sunrises and sunsets seemingly happening within seconds of each other

And I am not getting younger
and neither are you

I don’t like it like this

I need space and freedom and time
time to just sit with you
and watch the tops of the trees
time to breathe
to just be.


image courtesy of pretzellogic.org


Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “Time, exxasperated

  1. ron

    remember its not the destination its the journey
    live in the moment as much as u can.like you said we r not getting any younger.

  2. Jenifer – I’m coming to this conclusion: getting older (at any age) is easier when living closely with someone else, especially post-40 (when we’re both wiser and most frightful, all at the same time). Thanks for your beautiful poem. – Mike

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