Love Does That

Love does that

It waits in the bushes, the forest, the manor, the hallway when you least expect it. 

It comes at you with piercing eyes

And wanton looks and breathlessness

And a spark of hope

And fullness in your chest

And tingling in your nether regions

A blossoming flower ready to unfold and provide nectar for the searching bee

It takes hold of you and reminds you there is nothing else more powerful or intoxicating in this world

It ravishes 





Then when the daylight comes round again

Leaves you caressing every grass blade, branch, feather

Hoping to recreate at least one moment of it

And that is when you are trapped





By love

Even when at last there is silence

And comfortable loneliness

It wouldn’t take but one moment of this

And there you are again

Because this is what your heart wants, needs, searches for 

Even when it is not searching. 


Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

3 responses to “Love Does That

  1. ron

    that was a lovely poem sweetie
    my nether region is tingling already hmmmmm

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