A Bright Mind

The mind–
not always a happy place
It has been taken over
by the dark rumble
of mother nature’s
mocking morning
And echoes of human
mistaking smiles for
unwelcoming invitations
But perception is reality
and my castle made of sand
my muscles flaccid
But still here I stand
I can’t cower in the corner
let the rumble take me over
although when that storm cell
passed through last night
I imagined it sucked me up
into it
and twirled me around
spinning in its cleansing,
forgiving arms
then spat me out
to be whole again
to let the light back in
to tear the muscles
into stronger flesh
to rid the mind of the rumble
the echoes
the doubt
bringing about truthful smiles
a stone castle
gentle echoes
open heart
and bright mind.



Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

6 responses to “A Bright Mind

  1. Thanks for this.

    “Then spat me out, to be whole again / to tear the muscles into stronger flesh.”

    Those two lines kid of made my day. 🙂

  2. Lovely, you’re a pretty talented poet missus!

  3. Angel

    Where did you go?

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