Was it Me?

A fragrance of wildflowers 
traveled to my nose
and into that place
in the brain
where scent and memories
coagulate side by side
And I saw the image of
a young girl
running through
a field of daisies
Was it me
or the opening
of Little House on the Prairie?
I faintly remember
this scene
as I have imagined it before
But I do not know
what is real or fiction
Or is it a layering of both
I know my mother wore 
a dress stitched with blossoms 
when I was in the womb
And I know there was
a vacant lot 
across from my early childhood home
where flowers grew
But the girl in the field
so carefree
happily joyously running
Who was she? 
Was it me
or the opening
of Little House on the Prairie?



Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “Was it Me?

  1. Lovely poem, Jenifer. Brought back memories from my own childhood – was it me, or really Dennis the Menace?

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