Pedaling Left

My feet pedaled
left today into town
instead of right into the woods
as they had for weeks
perhaps months
And they pedaled fast and smooth
as the wind lay
welcoming spring's bloom
The cross lights changed quickly
offering a speedy glance
on all that had changed
in just a short moment really
The vacant lot
where I once imagined
a shotgun house
now bloated by a
tasteless modern dwelling
And Eli's Friday BBQ smoke
was not wafting through the Live Oaks
Empty benches 
No snowy egret 
waiting for scraps
But the once dry 
and lifeless garden there
had blossomed with
thick, dark greens
And it made me smile
And the Spanish moss
thicker than ever
And the leaves of the Jacaranda
the color of the shallow sea
And the streets sparsely scattered
with happy morning people
who smiled back at me.



Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

3 responses to “Pedaling Left

  1. Beautiful!
    It’s been too long since I visited and read your words. Having my morning coffee with some of your poetry. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much, Samara! I haven’t posted as much recently as I’d like. I need more hours in the day. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • It’s so hard to fit it all in, isn’t it?

        I’m either writing one week, or I’m catching up on blog reading/commenting.

        Not to whine, but working and having a kid doesn’t help matters any! But I wouldn’t have it any other way (well the job I could do without, not Little Dude.)

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