Two Ships

Two ships were moored side by side.
As the early moon began to brighten 
with the fading of the winter sun
one ship said to the other

"I am the luckiest ship
because the moon casts its glow
right above my mast." 

"That might be true.
But from where I sit
I can see the moon hanging 
in the distance."

The first ship pondered this.
"Yes that is true. I do have to tilt
my bow to see its entirety. You can stay
secured as you gaze at its beauty."

The second ship replied
"But I cannot see the sun
from where I am anchored.
It is hidden by the trees."

The first ship responded
"I see the golden sun setting
every evening. But it has faded
my canvas."

Both ships sat in silence
One wondering at the distant
bright white full moon
The other wondering at the
silhouette of the closest star
fading behind dancing branches.

"I know who is the luckiest,"
the first ship said.
"So do I," said the second.
And there was no need to speak.

Two ships were moored
side by side.



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  1. Thank you sista : ) I’m loving your posts.

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