Ode to the G.O.D.S.

Far removed we were
and dancing on stones
Days of the gods and goddesses
took us to where we are
A pen on paper
a long walk home
hugs last forever
never coming undone
in the mind
from the soul
We trudged on
sometimes slipping on stones
one falling off
the rest left wailing
but carry on
we did
All you poets
never forgotten
All you friends
you are love.


Written as an ode to a group of friends who
not only helped make high school more bearable
but also cultivated our creative endeavors together.

Twenty-five years later I will never forget
what they meant to me and still do.

Carpe diem G.O.D.S.

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One response to “Ode to the G.O.D.S.

  1. wyatt

    You woke the sleeping poet and artist that as inside me. This was the greatest gift I have ever been given. You gave my writing encouragement and support, You started the fire in my heart and soul that I will always nurture and care for to keep burning bright! In my mind I can hear the exit music clear as a bell…. Tell me your troubles and doubts
    Giving me everything inside and out and
    Love’s strange so real in the dark
    Think of the tender things that we were working on…
    … And these children
    that you spit on
    as they try to change their worlds
    are immune to your consultations.
    They’re quite aware
    of what they’re going through…” Bowie~
    All of my love and my fellowship, all of my hearts expressions
    The circle remains unbroken

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