Flight of Me

Could I be an eagle today
and fly so high
these truances would
fall away
Could I be an eagle tonight
and fly so far
out of reach
out of sight
You would remember
the good I gave
and all the bad
would soar away
Could I be an eagle tomorrow
and rise with the sun
not burning not yearning
No tears of sorrow
If I were an eagle
would you let me
And welcome me back
when these grievances
Can I be an eagle one time
and leave these mortal
trials behind?



Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “Flight of Me

  1. Good rhythm here, Jen! Did you mean truancies? When I read “truances” I was like, “Awesome. A new word I can use to impress my professors.” Heh…so I looked it up but only found truancy/truancies instead. (I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to use “truance”, darn it.)

    I like this piece though. It’s light and freeing. Thanks for sharing it, and you know, I’m beginning to get a much better sense of your style with each new poem I read. (Broken record here- but you’re a great writer!)

  2. Thank you for that! I so appreciate your readership.

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