Love, Surrounding

Sometimes calling in the dead of night
or on a lonely street at dusk
just there
just ever so there
Warming bones like a cup of tea
sweet overriding bitter
Stolen moments on a sandy beach
Twisting round weathered branches
of my heart 
Sometimes calling at midday
taking hold of my hand
Cradled in my arms
Singing a song
like the prettiest a songbird sings
There is love all around
From within it breathes
and emanates from my skin
Through that sparkle in the eyes
And the smile given to perfect strangers  
It never leaves 
even if sometimes I'd wish it
You are there, love
growing inside 
evolving, unfolding
flapping your wings
but never flying far away.


Written as an ode to Valentine’s Day, an ode to love.
Love has many forms, phases, spirits.
It surrounds me. Enlightening, fulfilling,
gut-wrenching, cosmic, glorious.


Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “Love, Surrounding

  1. mark

    Took me away for a moment, illuminating..makes me realize the esscence of the author…essecence of love…its everywhere if you are open to see it..

  2. It looks like the cloud is heart-shaped. Or maybe your poem just makes it look that way. :0) Very nice.

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