January, at its Best

How many cold, winter nights
have we sat by the window of some smoky place
and contemplated the state of things
or nothing at all
And how such a winter's night
could be so mild
'tis a strange thing but all the same
Fine by me for bitter winds
only add to the shame of man
For no man has not a care in the world
lest he have not a mind or soul
Would that I could take things like
that soulless man
My existence would not have reason
And my mind would think silly thoughts
through the window of murky winter.


Written when the Tennessee winter was more than I could bear.
The endless days and weeks of cloudy skies, barren tree limbs, and freezing temperatures took its toll.

It robbed the best of me, leaving a fallen, desperate shell.
Now my Floridian January is a celebration.

The cool winds keep the warmth from stagnating.
And I am smiling as the vivid colors of a blue sky backdrop promise me sunshine and breezes
and greenery.

And birds gracefully gliding in their sunny winter dance.


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3 responses to “January, at its Best

  1. That Tennessee winter sounds like mine recently. The water pipes froze (and burst)- no water for 4 days, before that the electricity was down, before that I was sick for two weeks and had just ended my 7 year relationship with the live of my life/guy-BFF- car is overheating, the list is very long, but rather than kick my butt, it’s made me that much stronger. I eat hard times for breakfast. ;0)

    Great poem though! So well written and expressed.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Wow you have had one hell of a winter so far. I sincerely hope it starts to rain sunshine on you soon!

      • Yes I have, but compared to what my childhood was like, this really is a cake walk. (Not a boo hoo story, just stating facts!) I adapt well though, and quickly.

        On that note, it’s nice getting out of survival mode and actually relaxing. Things are much better at the moment: clean house (always), opera music on high, glass of red with a little bit of down time; lining things up for the next semester which just started. No complaints. :0)

        And I hope all is well in your neck of the woods as well. x

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