One of Passion

Come, oh one of passion
of deep, mindful feeling
of trust and kindness
cleanliness and beauty
Wrap your arms around me
embrace me
relieve me
from the harsh chains which bind me
unto the darkness of the world of hate
Love me forever
Give me the feeling
of a million petals floating in a 
clear blue sea
I long for you like life longs
for light
Too faraway are you oh one of passion
And I am not at ease until you are seen
within my distance.

                   --December 31, 1989

— To think I had such aching desire in my little high school freshman body.
The boy I wrote this for has flourished into a successful man yet still embodies those gifts and virtues included in the poem written so many years ago.
I guess you are never too young for yearning. And you are never too old, either.



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3 responses to “One of Passion

  1. That;s really good! I think it’s good too that you can still think of him and remember him like this. 1989. Man oh man…I need the Visene just thinking about that year…heheh.

  2. ’89 was one fantastic year, for so many reasons. I actually reconnected recently with the person I wrote this poem about and it was an eye-opener. Really deserves a blog post if I could delve into it. There is something about spending time with someone from your past that reiterates all that you are and have been. Refreshing in so many ways. But maybe that has to do with the other person and your relationship with them? And how you have grown individually, hundreds of miles apart, yet are of the “same cloth”.

  3. This is a beautiful poem.

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