In a Crowded Room

In a crowded room
I can pick you out
because those eyes came from me
and see the things I did years ago
towering adults
stuffed animals on low shelves
the smallest, most chokeable object on the kitchen floor
Only it's decades later
and now I'm the mother
But I feel like a child most days
Maybe that's why sometimes it's easy
for me to crawl around the floor and chase you
I feel my heart flutter
when you smile 
when you squeal
And when you throw your strong but
tiny arms around me
I know I could never be happier
So hold on just a little longer
Don't let go
Don't grow too fast
I don't want to lose you
in a crowded room.

— Written for my son when he was just a baby. I told him I loved him shortly after he was born. I wanted him (and me) to know I meant it. Of all who I’ve loved and continue to love, there is no one who has captured my heart like him. And there is no one who has taught me unconditional love like him. There might have been times I didn’t like him, but I’ve always loved him. Retrieved from the archives in response to The Daily prompt: Love to Love You

Ian baby


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7 responses to “In a Crowded Room

  1. Carol

    It’s beautiful, Jen. There is no stronger bond than the love between a mother and her child!

  2. Beautiful! One day he will treasure your love more than he may begin to comprehend at his young age.

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