When You Were Here

Palm Tree SwayingWhen you were here my love
the sun rose above casting shadows
on only those places that needed shade
The birds came out of their hiding places 
to call their song of happiness
When you were here my love
there was more time in the hour
but the hour gone quickly
Trees swayed and grass as green as the Norfolk pine 
Even road signs blasted their saturation more vividly
When you were here my love
the streets were filled with your voice
and the neighbors lingered longer to hear it.

–Originally written for a friend who left a mark and memory upon my soul and surroundings. Also represents to all of us those other friends, lovers, and brothers who’ve come into view, stayed for the snapshot, and left while the lens was still warm. Who do you have in mind?


Filed under Sunday Night Sonnet

2 responses to “When You Were Here

  1. I love the idea of a Sunday sonnet, Jenifer. This one is extra beautiful. Who do I have in mind? Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

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