Brown (Ode to Autumn)

Fall Leaves         
the color brown falls from the sky 
in passive splashes of fresh beauty
in leaves and kisses 
and soil and freckles
the color brown is about
as jack-o-lanterns smile with its flame
the flame a color of brown
brown the flame of fall

Fall Freckles

Fall Chair


Fall Backyard

–Written years ago as an ode to Autumn. I’ve always had a love affair with the season– through the pen, the lens, the skin, and the scent of a bonfire and decaying leaves. Now I have to travel several hundred miles north to feel its arms around me for a brief moment. What do you love about Fall?


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3 responses to “Brown (Ode to Autumn)

  1. For me the autumn is a crisp smell; a cerulean blue sky; the surprise of seeing fallen leaves suddenly flip up and a wren flies out; acorns buried in my flower pots I’m just now cleaning; and knowing that the brown is the color of rest for my world with a promise of renewal soon to come. enjoying your blogs. Take care.

  2. Love that imagery, Cathy! Autumn is so mystical, poetic, romantic, and inspirational for me. It’s over too quickly– but that probably gives us more passion for it. It leaves (no pun intended) us wanting more. Thank you for reading!

  3. “passive splashes” – that’s clever. Great pics too. :0) Fall is my favourite season, by the way. It teaches me to respect death (the death of summer) and birth (the birth of winter). There’s something so perfect about walking in the chilled woods, glass of Merlot- crunching crisp leaves underfoot and just breathing it all in. Great post. xo

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