Ode to Brother

Green grasses of summer
forever kept in memory
Days of old
when you and me 
pretended to be on a 
ship in the sea
When did we move
from that place of tranquility
Here's to childhood
Here's to simplicity
Here's to the home
where you and I ran and sang
Here's to the yard
where we swung from the tree
and where kitty was buried
I wish I could look out of my 
window now
and see that yard from
that house
but instead I see asphalt
and you are nowhere around.

Me & Art –Written back in the late ’90’s when I was single and living in an apartment which overlooked a parking lot.

I hadn’t seen my brother a lot then.

Now we live 700 miles apart. He just came for a surprise visit for my 40th birthday.

Best present I ever received.


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2 responses to “Ode to Brother

  1. your poem is so touching and sweetly nostalgic, glad to hear your brother surprised with a visit. just thought i’d visit a bit to ty for liking my story on Sunday, encouragement is always really appreciated.

    i hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you so much for reading! Yes, my brother’s visit was much needed. Funny, I’d written a post about him but hadn’t published it. So glad I didn’t because after he visited there were some mini-rants I’d included in that post that are now null and void. Now it’s due for a re-write.

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